Trine LC100 Voltage Conditioner

Trine LC100 Voltage Conditioner
SKU: - TR LC100
The Trine LC-100 power regulator (Round unit; Updated in 2010) is for use with the Trine Axion 3000 series strikes and is an option for the EN Series 12VDC strikes.
The LC-100 utilizes an external line conditioner (LC100) module to regulate input voltages, 11-29 AC or DC, and conditions the output for the pull-in activation period. Then reduces holding voltage output for continuous operation and reduced heat. The LC100 provides current and voltage surge protection and kickback protection. LC100 must be used and installed within 15' of the mechanism. This unit must be used with the Trine Axion 3000 series strikes.
When used with EN Series, select a 12DC unit and place within 10feet of strike
The LC-100 will also has an auxiliary power out that can be use to operate a buzzer or led. The output is 6VDC at 40mA maxium curent.