Trine 5205 Plug In Type/Tri Volt(Ac) Transformer

Trine 5205 Plug In Type/Tri Volt(Ac) Transformer
SKU: - TR 5205
  • For electric strikes, bells, buzzers, chimes, and other low voltage devices. A complete line of U.L.® listed step down transformers. Easy to install, low voltage, 120AC primary for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Transformers will safely take themselves off line when they overheat. Transformers can be either base mounted or attached to standard knockouts on boxes or cabinets (except plug-in types). All primary leads are pre stripped for quick connection.
  • · Plug in Type - Tri Volt Transformer (AC)
  • Electric Characteristics:
    Primary Voltage: 120VAC
    Secondary Voltage Out: Tri-Volt:
    8VAC - 10VA - 1.25 AMPS
    16VAC - 10VA - 0.62 AMPS
    24VAC - 20VA - 0.83 AMPS
    Dimensions: 2"D x 3"H x 2-1/2"W 7oz