Ilco RKE-MAZ-3B1 Mazda 3 Button Remote Keyless Entry

Ilco RKE-MAZ-3B1 Mazda 3 Button Remote Keyless Entry
Fits various Vehicles from the manufactures families
Fits various models from the manufactures below:
Mazda 3 — 2007 - 2007
Mazda 3 4-Door (Production Date Before 04-08) — 2007 - 2008
Mazda 3 5-Door — 2007 - 2009
Mazda Speed3 — 2007 - 2009
If your vehicle remote looks like the picture and matches the FCC numbers or OEM Part # below
then this remote should work for your vehicle after it is programmed into the vehicle.
OEM FCC Numbers
  • KPU41794
OEM Part Numbers:
  • 41794
Uses Battery: CR1616
Ilco FCC ID #: 2AOKM-MZ46
Ilco IC #: 24223-MZ46
Ilco Model #: RT-MZ-794
Ilco Part #: R-MAZ-794
Ilco UPC #: 36448253586
Made by: Ilco
The above information and references are supplied by Ilco
Remote may fit other manufacturers, makes and models
For Cross reference check: Current Remote Cross Reference for remote model.
This remote must be programmed to vehicle. It is a 2 step process, 1) Program the remote buttons. 2) Program the immobilizer system transponder.
This item is only returnable if it is still in the un-opened original bag!